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The MASIK is Qajaq USA's electronic newsletter, written by members and for members. Inside each issue you will find a wealth of information on traditional kayaking, including articles on home-built kayaks and paddles, traditional kayaking techniques, do-it-yourself ideas, and the happenings within Qajaq USA. You’ll also read reports on the annual competition in Greenland, histories of several symposiums, and thoughtful reflections on kayak culture, whether here or abroad. The articles are as diverse as our membership, and If you’re not currently a member, please consider joining Qajaq USA and adding your talents and interests to our organization. Even if you are not a Qajaq USA member you are welcome to download the newsletter with our compliments. Thanks for reading.

A recent change in the MASIK, due to the efforts of Helen Wilson, is to email subscribers a more frequent and timely newsletter, rather than the larger magazine format of past years. We hope you will enjoy these changes.

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MASIK Spring 2016

Masik Newletter

Current Issue Contents
Editor’s Letter: Helen Wilson
Sea Socks for Skin On Frame Kayaks – what, why and how by Anders Thygesen
Everything you need to know about the 2016 Greenland Qajaq Championships Story and Photos by Dubside Headshot Portraits by Mikkel Larsen

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MASIK Winter 2015-2016

Masik Newletter

Editor’s Letter: Helen Wilson
Greenland: A Big Small Country by Dominique Sellier
Report from Delmarva by Ben Fuller
Making a Skin-On-Frame in Three Hours --
Article and Photos by Dubside

MASIK Autumn 2015

Qajaq USA Banner

Editor’s Letter: Helen Wilson
A Founder’s View of the Creation of Qajaq USA by Greg Stamer
Chiiludax; It Is Returning by Marc Daniels
Survey -- Qajaq USA Fleet of kayaks
Qajaq USA Sanctioned Events

MASIK Summer 2015

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Editor’s Letter: Tom Milani
Greenland Kayaking, Argentina Style: Joanne Barta
Deconstructing Greenland Kayaks, Part III: The Mighty Keelson—Results of Destructive Testing: Ralph C. Young
Deconstructing West Greenland Kayaks Part IV: Hull Design Part One: Form Follows Function: Ralph C. Young
The “Hand of Pavia” Rescue – Defined: John Doornick and Henry Romer
Greenland* Moves Southward *Greenland paddlers, that is!: Fran Symes
Adam Hansen Qajaq Models
Deconstructing Greenland Kayaks: Form Follows Function, Part 2: Ralph Colwell Young

MASIK Summer 2013

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Editor's Letter: Tom Milani
Past President's Message: Ed Zachowski
President's Message: Terry O'Malley
Report from East Greenland: Sandy Noyes
MOLLY OSTERTAG COMICS: How to Build a Traditional Skin-on-Frame Greenland Qajaq: Molly Ostertag
Deconstructing Greenland Kayaks: Ralph Colwell Young
Deconstructing Greenland Kayaks Part II: The Mighty Keelson: Ralph Colwell Young
The Coast, Technology and Character of the Eighth Annual Hudson River Greenland Sea Kayaking Festival: Beau Miles
Tools for Paddle Making and Kayak Building: Dave Niles
Paddle Survey at the Museum Support Facility to the National Museum of Natural History, Suitland Maryland, 7–9 January 2013: Tom Milani
Qajaq USA Financials

MASIK Summer 2011

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Editor's Letter: Tom Milani
President's Message: Ed Zachowski
The HRGF Story: Dave Sides
Where to now, for skin-on-frame kayaks?: Bill Samson
Qajaq Build Story—Part 1: Simon Wall
The Way of the Skinny Stick: Eliza Wicks-Arshack
Qajaq USA Public Relations: Terry O’Malley
Tools for Paddle Making and Kayak Building: Dave Niles
Interview with new Qajaq USA President Ed Zachowski: Tom Milani
SAQQIT: Narrative of an East Greenland Kayak: Sandy Noyes
Interview: Greg Stamer, Past President of Qajaq USA: Tom Milani
The history of SSTIKS: a personal reflection: Tim Mattson
Baidarka: The Building of an Aleutian Baidarka DVD Review: Tom Milani

MASIK Summer 2010

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The UK Traditional Kayak Meeting 2009: Bill Samson
Teaching Rolling The Human Kayak Method: Helen Wilson
Editor's Letter: Tom Milani
President's Letter: Greg Stamer
Getting Started on Ropes: Dubside
Dubside talks with the President of Qaannat Kattuffiat
interview with Dubside and Niels Thomassen
Preparing for Greenland: Jeanette Rogers
Greg Stamer talks with the President of Qajaq Japan: Dubside
Experience SSTIKS: Jeanette Roger
Making a Tuilik, Akuilisaq, & Cockpit Cover: Dana Rutherford
Paddle Survey: Roy Martin

MASIK Spring/Summer 2009

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Illorsuit Adventure: Ken Taylor
Editor's Letter: Tom Milani
President's Letter: Greg Stamer
Putting Together a Skin-on-Frame Repair Kit: Joel Fleischer
Skinning without a Needle
Fastening a skin around a kayak or boat frame, using splines -- an open source project?: Robert Morris
Reproduction of my experience in the U.S .
I would like to tell you way I tell it to the Greenlanders -- real hunting qajaqs in USA!: John Pedersen
An Interview with Helen Wilson
Helen Wilson interview of John Pedersen
Your Mind is Stronger than your Body & it will get you Home: Tom Milani and John Pedersen
It's a Qajaq! Part II -- Materials: Mike Bielski
Jo Hamilton Tribute: Rene DuFresne

MASIK Spring/Summer 2008

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It’s a Qajaq! Mike Bielski
Editor's Letter: Tom Milani
Qajaq Talk Variety,The Spice of Life: Greg Stamer
Brand Family Interview: Tom Milani
An Alaskan Kayak: Bill Samson
Ilulissat Explorations: Sandy Noyes
2005 Kayak Dusted Off for Inspection: Dubside

MASIK Winter 2008

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The Water Decides: Harvey Golden’s Kayaks of Greenland Tom Milani
Editor's Letter: Tom Milani
Qajaq Talk: Minority Complex: Greg Stamer
Traditional Arctic Kayak Symposium: Marcus Koenen
Do it Yourself Kayak Rope: Pat Slaven
Origins: Diane Carr
See one, do one, teach one: Dick Silberman
You just gotta believe... Keith Wikle
Traveling with Greenland Paddles: Marcel Rodriguez
Book Review: Freuchen's Arctic Adventure: Tom Milani
In Memoriam - Cindy Cole

MASIK Summer 2007

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Paartoq 2006: James Song
A Journey to Greenland: Richard Best
The Face of Champions to Come: Dubside
Greenland - #4 Places to Find: Tom Sharp
Greenland July 2006: Karl Annar Markussen
Diving In: Alison Sigethy
Sisimuit Peat House: Bengt Tydén
Traveling Light
Editor's Letter: Tom Milani
Qajaq Talk: Greg Stamer

MASIK Summer 2006

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The 17th Annual Delmarva Paddlers’ Retreat: Ed Zachowski
Building Tips: Tony Schmitz, Pete Strand, Brian Schulz, Harvey Golden, Brian Nystrom
Yost in Paradise A Maiden Voyage: Pete Notman
Cedar Strip Replica: Don Goss
Book Reviews: Tom Milani
    This Cold Heaven
    Last Gentleman Adventurer
Mark Starr Interview: Tom Milani
North Bay Redemption: Brooks Martyn
Book Review: Len Thunberg
    Greenland Paddles Step by Step
Editor's Corner: Tom Milani
Qajaq Talk: Greg Stamer

MASIK Winter 2006

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Building the Sea Spirit - Completely built from scratch: Wes Ostertag
Angatkuk The Shaman: Patrick Teasdale
Maligiaq's visit to Washington, D.C.- Building a Beautiful Craft: Tom Milani
First Time Rolling- Felt Butterflies in my Stomach: Hyok Lee
Pond Scum - Hanging (Upside-Down) with Boyz in Hoodz: Kate Hartland
Walden Pond All kinds of Kayaks show up at the Pond: Dan Segal
Qajaasaarneq - A recap of the year’s Rope Gymnastics Highlights: Dubside
Editor's Corner: Bobby Curtis
Qajaq Talk: Greg Stamer
Kayak Events

MASIK Summer 2005

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Misterie and the Necromancer - Qajaq for father - Qajaq for son: Andrew Elizaga
My First Kayak - I paddle this kayak all the time now: Richard Best
My Highly Rockered Greenland Kayaks - Just perfect for canoe ballet: Bryan Hansel
Rope Gymnastics 101 - Allunaariaqattaarneq for Beginners: Dubside
2004 Greenland Competition - Thoughts and reflections: Dubside
Kayak Design DVD - A review and critique: Pete Strand
Skinboats of Costa Rica - Based on a true story: Brian Schulz
Editor's Corner: Bobby Curtis
Qajaq Talk: Greg Stamer
Kayak Events

MASIK Winter 2005

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Making A Chris Cunningham Tuilik -
A southern hemisphere interpretation: Pete Notman and Tony Calvert
Greenland Kayaking in Aotearoa -
Greenland Kayaks in New Zealand: Tony Calvert
To Soak or Not To Soak -
A Steam Bending Test: Brian Nystrom and Jay Babina
Opposite Arm Rolls -
Roll up on the right side using only the left arm: Dubside
Editor's Corner: Bobby Curtis
Qajaq Talk: Greg Stamer
Kayak Events

MASIK Fall 2004

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Greenland National Championships 2004 - The real stars are the children: Cheri Perry
The "Fine Points" of Harpoon Throwing For accuracy and distance - Greg Stamer
My First Stitch and Glue Qajariaq - Based on my SOF: Matt Johnson
My Strip-built Disco Bay - Building a kayak for my wife: Richard Kohlström
Designing Ginnyak - Building a coastal explorer: Brian Schulz
Making a Unaaq - A Greenland-style knob harpoon: Shawn Baker
Editor's Corner: Bobby Curtis
Qajaq Talk: Greg Stamer

MASIK Summer 2004

Qajaq USA Banner

My Minganie Winter - Exploring the sea ice: Valerie Dillon
An East Greenland Kayak - My first boat building experience: Rich Weise
Building an Adjustable Rib Bending Jig - An alternative to free-hand bending: Brian Nystrom
A Qajaq for Cheri - Building a boat for a talented paddler: Mark Starr
Custom Neoprene Mitts - A Simplified Procedure: Shawn Baker
QAJAQ USA Elections Are Coming! Keith Attenborough and Bobby Curtis
Editor's Corner: Bobby Curtis
Qajaq Talk - An "event-full" Summer: Greg Stamer
Notes from the Region

MASIK Winter 2004

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Finding My Perfect Boat - Your perfect boat is out there too: Joy McNeil
Building my First Qajaq - Is it becoming an obsession? Jon Marien
"Sea Pup" SOF Kid Kayaks - Building Four Kid Kayaks, with Kids! Steve Phillips
Designing a Stitch-and-Glue Qajariaq - Using anthropometric dimensioning: Dave Murphy
"What Was That?" - Some Rolls that aren't on 'The List': Jonathan Long
Qaannat on Muhheakunnuk - Skin on Frame Kayaks (In Greenlandic) on the River that Flows Both Ways (in Algonquin): Wayne Gilchrest
Editor's Corner: Bobby Curtis
Qajaq Talk: Greg Stamer
Kayak Events

MASIK Fall 2003

Qajaq USA Banner

Number Three: Jennifer Torres
My Iqyaq - An Aleutian Kayak: Aaron Cunningham
Building a Hooper Bay Kayak: Jack Gilman
Montreal Madness 2003 - Wintry Waters of the Port of Montreal: Nicolas Bertrand
2003 Greenland National Kayak Championship - A Life-Changing Experience: Mark Molina
Rolling, Rolling, Rolling - Re-awakening my Favorite Pastime: Cheri Perry
Tuiliks - Versatile garments with variety: Shawn Baker
Editor's Corner: Bobby Curtis
Qajaq Talk: Greg Stamer
Kayak Events

MASIK Summer 2003

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A Tribute to John Heath; Greg Stamer
Making a Custom Sea Sock - A Second Line of Defense: Jim Belair
Lightweight Fabric Tests - Or How Do They Stack Up: Larry Rehd Brown
SSTIKS 2003 - Thoughts of some of those who Attended: Compiled by Shawn Baker
Self-Built Traditional Style Boats Articles: Jay Babina, Richard Toellner, Mark Woodhead, Jennifer Torres, Wayne Steffens
An Eastern Arctic Kayak - Or my First Attempt to Build a SOF: Duane "Arko" Bronaugh
Trial and Error - The Evolution of a Folding Kayak: Tom Yost
Upcoming Traditional Kayaking Events

MASIK Spring 2003

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My Ningeq - West Greenland Skin-on-Frame Kayak: John Petersen
A Steambox Just for Bending Ribs - Economical but Effective: Bob Kelim
The Boat in my Basement - An Addition to the Fleet: Tony Schmitz
I Fancied I would Love to Return by Boat - Or How I got into Kayaking: Michael Bradley
Dewatering and Self-Rescue in a Skin-on-Frame Boat - Or, Up a Creek without a Pump: Peter Strand
Trees to Paddles - Carving Greenland Paddles from Split Wood: Shawn Baker
Notes from the Regions
Upcoming Traditional Kayaking Events

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