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Summer 2016. Helen Wilson and the MASIK newsletter team has created another great issue of the MASIK, Qajaq USA's electronic newsletter!
Issue includes information on the Traditional Greenland Paddling Mini Event, West Greenland Three Part Harpoon and The Qajaq Song. Read the MASIK »

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Qajaq Journal

Volume 6 has been released and mailed to Active Qajaq USA members! This volume is not available in the online store, please join Qajaq USA or renew, to receive this fascinating publication.

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Tracy Coon and Helen Wilson are doing a great job putting the world of Qajaq USA on Facebook. Facebook complements both our forum and website. Please stop by on Facebook and see what the fuss is about.

Qajaq USA Forum Upgrades

The forums now support Avatars, message teasers and additional internal improvements. Visit the Greenland forum to take the new features for a spin.

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We are a small yet passionate non-profit organization staffed by volunteers. We depend on your membership contributions to fund this website and forums, publish the Qajaq Journal, translate historic manuscripts for publication, organize Greenland-style events, provide a growing fleet of replica SOF kayaks and gear to events, and more. Your support makes this happen! Join online via PayPal »

Qajaq Journal

Qajaq Journal Volume 6 has been mailed to Qajaq USA Members!

Volume six contains the first English translation of the kayak and rolling sections of Paul-Émile Victor and Joëlle Robert-Lamblin’s La Civilisation du Phoque (The Civilization of the Seal). This was made possible by the generous permission and support of his daughter and executor of his estate Daphné Victor and the co-author and editor of text Joëlle Robert-Lamblin. Click on the cover image for a larger view. View the complete table of contents.
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Skinboats of Greenland

John Heath's and Eugene Arima's book, Eastern Arctic Kayaks, is available at the Qajaq USA Online Store

Written by John D. Heath and Eugene Arima, Eastern Arctic Kayaks: History, Design, and Techniques “is a comparative study of kayaks that focuses on historical development, design and construction, and techniques” (ix). Part I of the book, by John Heath, is an overview of the Greenland kayak, giving a historical perspective. Chapters by Greg Stamer and Harvey Golden cover paddling techniques and kayaks in European Museums, respectively. The remainder of Part I, with individual chapters written by Hugh Collings, John Brand, H. C. Petersen, and Johannes Rosing, offers examples of historical kayaks, descriptions of kayak sports and exercise, and a narrative of a trip taken at the end of the 19th century. Part II, by Eugene Arima, focuses on kayaks of Eastern Arctic Canada, describing their use, variations, and construction.

Qajaq USA Sanctioned Events

The Qajaq USA Events Committee has worked to define guidelines for Qajaq USA Sanctioned events. Qualifying events have access to the Qajaq USA demo inventory, as well as financial grants in support of featured speakers. To learn more, please the contact the events committee.

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