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Greenlanders Kayakers' Commune
The "Greenlanders" are a passionate and friendly group of kayakers, located in the Chiba Prefecture, near Tokyo. Mr. Eiichi Ito and this group organizes 'G-style" a Greenland symposium. See the gallery for G-style 2003, featuring Maligiaq Padilla as guest instructor. Their website features great animation of Greenland technique, unique artwork, and more.

Qajaq JPN (Japan)
Associated with the "Greenlanders" (above), the Qajaq JPN website contains extraordinary artwork and animation by Eiichi Ito and is good fun to visit. The technique information is beautifully rendered, and is definitely worth repeated visits. Qajaq JPN is officially a part of Qaannat Kattuffiat in the same manner as Qajaq USA.

Qajaq København
The (Danish) site of Qajaq København (Qajaq Copenhagen). Qajaq Copenhagen is a fellow Qajaq club associated with Qaannat Kattuffiat. Along with Qajaq USA, these are the only two affiliated Qajaq clubs outside of Greenland. Qajaq Copenhagen was created in 1996 by Pavia Lumholt, a past-president of Qajaq Nuuk and Qajaq USA board advisor (past board member). We look forward to adding links to other sister organizations as they develop a web presence.

(Danish). A kayak club that introduces kayaking to handicapped Greenlanders and Danes. Poul Hansen and Svend Ulstrup are regular fixtures at the Greenland Championships. Site includes images from the championships.

West Michigan Coastal Kayakers' Association
WMCKA is an active paddling association, located in Western Michigan, and has a large number of traditional kayakers among its ranks. WMCKA sponsors a yearly symposium on Camp Pendalouan north of Muskegon. Alan Anderson and Doug Van Doren are well-known members. Netherlands is dedicated to bringing the attention of the traditional qajaq to the kayakers of the Dutch language regions. In addition to their website, organizes activities centered around the traditional qajaq, like the Qajaq Treffen, workshops, paddle making etc. Their website is available in English.


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