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Harpoon head - design and attachment
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the socket in the base of the killing point fits over the break away fore-shaft. Most practice harpoons are made with the break away fore-shaft just without the killing point.
I found a brass harpoon head on Etsy for $40 so I ordered it. It has a hole to attach the harpoon line. I am going to have to do it the Inuit way - improvise with what is available. Any advice is appreciated.
I am setting up my SOF for display as a hunting rig for TRAQS 2020 in Lake Placid, Florida this March. I have a practice harpoon that I made. It is all one piece wood without a head that detaches. How can I make it look more authentic? How do I find or make a harpoon head? How is it attached? Diagrams or pictures? Thanks.
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