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Check out the new Masik!
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I cannot open this for some reason 

Thanks for sticking with it. I really made it more difficult than it needed to be for you, but I’m grateful to see that anybody is reading it. Regards.

Hooray !  It works.  Really wanted to read my friend Dubside's article.

Nightmare on Elm Street! It's my fervent hope that this link will take you to the Masik:

Thanks for your patience, and again my apologies for the confusion.

Thanks. Before I posted it, I tested it both in Safari and chrome and it worked. God only knows what happened in between. Another little descent into website hell. But I do hope to get this straightened out.

Here is the error message, which should help your web guy figure out the problem.  Got this using both Safari and Chrome.

AccessDeniedRequest has expired2023-06-05T14:56:18Z2023-06-05T15:57:49ZJVKKDPMJRQRC5MRC/JkgQvKM4J9LsePcxRYqlmXsyJD6tAcRJf3kaOAqDosxuddSrYmU55j4poqnnXOR2O0AYSYvTj8=

Again, my apologies. Here's a link that should work.

Thanks for your note and sorry about the confusion. I thought this would be simple but as you observe, the permissions are a problem. I'll try to get the web guy to straighten this out. Apologies....

I get a security block with the URL when I tried to open the link.  Can you change the format so it isn't so exclusive?

Take a look at the latest Masik, available for download here:

Sorry for the cumbersome URL. In this issue:

In this issue:

Dubside recounts the highlights of more than two decades worth of traditional paddling events.

Dan Segal explores the wide range of Greenland paddles.

Jim Belair explains how to make a sea sock.

Fred Randall continues his series on how to build a replica kayak.

"Anonymous", trapped in a tornado, gets a chance to see which holds up better when it flies off a bridge — a skin-on-frame or stitch-and-glue kayak.

Wayne Steffens shows off his Cumberland Sound replica.

Plus observations, recommendations and more.

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