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Mystery Kayak Replica Completed!!
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Actually I completed it last fall, but it took me this long to figure out how to post pictures here. Apparently you have to post something, and then edit it, before the full toolbar that includes image insertion appears. The instructions on this site appear to refer to the old forum and no longer apply.

I started this kayak in 2016 I believe, after starting an East Greenland kayak replica several times and abandoning it with a terrible case of "builder's block". I chose this one because it is short and fat, flat, and involved no bending but lots of nails. What could be easier for someone with builder's block, right? What could be quicker, right? WRONG! 6 years later this Cumberland Sound (Baffin Island) attempted kayak replica finally emerged from my garage.

Its actually quite fun and one of the fastest flatbeds on the water. and now for the edit...this better work.

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