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Aleutian paddle
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Thanks for the tip about the paddle on I sent him a message a couple days ago. Fingers crossed that I'll hear back!

There is a Novorca Aleutian Paddle listed in, in the accessories classifieds.

Gearlab doesn't make an Aleut paddle (as the OP is looking for). They do make great GPs and a love mine.

I notice that Gearlab has narrowed their line to just 3 models and has fewer colors available, which is actually a good idea for a niche company. I worked in the wilderness sports retail and outfitting industry for some years in my younger days and watched the fortunes grow in many innovative companies in the 1970s and '80s -- too often those who got too big too fast and diversified their product lines too much would get into financial and/or customer service trouble and fail.

Meanwhile those who strategically and early realized what their core products were and concentrated on improving, marketing and delivering them were better able to endure and prosper in the long run. I learned from thousands of hours of direct customer interaction that offering TOO MANY choices can often paralyze buyers and it also can cause cash flow problems for small "artisanal" gear makers when they have to stock a larger range of products that don't turn over quickly.

So I think Gearlab is doing the right thing.

Eastpole paddles are very good! There is no customs fee when shipped to USA! 

Gearlab makes a nice paddle among other kayaking accessories 

EastPole paddles in Estonia makes a wooden Aleutian paddle that is carbon fiber laminated for strength. At 258 Euros (currently about $280 USD) that is a decent price and their site says they ship free to the US. There would probably be some import taxes that could drive it up to closer to $400 but prices for GearLab's carbon GPs are at or above that by now. Estonians make some good paddles, I understand.

Yes, Novorca went out of business about 7 years ago. I was one of only a few people who contributed to the owner's GoFundMe to try to rescue the one man operation but it was non-refundable and the effort failed. I had wanted to buy one of his paddles but was too late. I ended up buying a GearLab Akiak and am happy with that.

Navarra has been out of business fir a couple of years.

Does anyone know of a shop that makes carbon fiber Aleutian paddles? I found posts about Novorca online, but their website isn't active any more. Thanks for any leads you might be able to share!

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