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Commercial Forum Archive 1 442

Commercial Forum Guidelines 1 2191

Rick Doner

Betsie Bay - Valkyrie - fiberglass layuup for sale 1 53

Charles Gale

FS: Kokatat Hydrus 3.0 Meridian Dry Suit - Excellent 1 66

Charles Gale

FS: IPIK -- Gearlab Carbon Greenland Kayak Paddle -- Like New W/Extras 1 66


For anyone going to Delmarva: WTB a traditional Skin-On-Frame for a small person & Tuilik 1 58

Charles Gale

FS: Reed Avataq - Greenland Rolling Flotation Aid 3 47

Charles Gale

FS: Rebel TOC 16 189

Charles Gale

Rebel Ilaga 6 111

Charles Gale

FS: Reed Chillcheater Ocean Cockpit Tuilik 3 72

Ping Kuo

Brooks Avataq still available? 4 57

vadim shayevich

Rebel Husky Greenland for SALE 1 61

Charles Gale

FS - Spray Skirts and Custom Tuiliks 4 98

Carl Delo

Cape Falcon SC-1 for sale 2 79

Charles Gale

FS: Rebel Naja 3 116

Gabriel Romeu

FS: Foster/Rowe Sillhouette 2 60

Karin Smith

Betsy Bay Valkyrie for sale 1 72

Ping Kuo

Tahe Greenland OC $2100 NJ 1 75

Daryl Moseley

Tahe Greenland GT with Keyhole cockpit for sale 3 83

Jerrold Borenstein

Wanted to buy Small tuiliq 1 64

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