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What's New on the Qajaq USA Website
07/27/2006 Old posts from Greenland forum have been archived to improve system load and performance. New Forum Archive & Site Search page created. The new search feature was also added to the Forum Splash page. The Site Search enables a scan of all Qajaq USA pages, active forums and archived forum pages.
06/13/2006 Added to the Qajaq USA Links Page.
03/29/2006 Added Schedule for the 2006 Greenland Kayaking Championship, to be held in Sisimiut, Greenland, July 10 - July 16.
01/03/2006 Winter 2006 Issue of the MASIK electronic newsletter/magazine published.
12/20/2005 At the last Qaannat Kattuffiat General Meeting, several new rolls were added to the Greenland rolling events! The rolling list and translated scoresheet have been updated to reflect these changes.
12/07/2005 Added Qajaq USA Friends Map (Frappr!) to the Qajaq USA page and also to the tool bar of the Greenland Forum.
11/12/2005 Added "Eastern Arctic Kayaks" (book) to Kayaks, Paddles, Gear page and Greenland Technique page. Added "Greenland Rope Gymnastics" video (DVD) to the Greenland Technique page.
11/06/2005 Added new merchandise, a limited-edition black Qajaq USA hat, to the merchandise page.
10/22/2005 Added Duane Stroaker's page on Building a Carbon Fiber Greenland Paddle   to the Kayaks, Paddles, Gear page.
10/15/2005 Added "Cuts of Lumber" Link (how to identify quartersawn, flatsawn, riftsawn lumber), to the "Kayaks, Paddles, Gear" page.
10/06/2005 Added John Doornink's page on making a tuilik to the Kayaks, Paddles, Gear page.
10/06/2005 Added Shaman Kayaks (John Petersen's page) to Commercial Paddles Page.
07/02/2005 Added link to the Qajaq JPN (On the Links Page).

Added links to the Eiichi Ito's extraordinary Qajaq JPN technique artwork, animation and text, to the competition rolling list.
06/26/2005 Summer 2005 Issue of the MASIK electronic newsletter/magazine published.
05/25/2005 Added link to the Qajaq Nuuk website (On Qaannat Kattuffiat page).
03/26/2005 Added Wolfgang Brinck's Paddles to Commercial Paddles Page.
03/01/2005 Winter 2005 Issue of the MASIK electronic newsletter/magazine published.
02/22/2005 The list of current Patrons and Sustaining Members has been added to the Qajaq USA page. The URL of this page has also changed (.php extension). This information will be kept current dynamically.
02/16/2005 Enhanced the Events Calendar. You can now submit your own events online.
02/13/2005 Updated Events Calendar. If you have this page bookmarked, please note that the address has changed. Please bookmark the new address.
01/30/2005 Updated Qajaq USA Board Members / Advisors page. This page now includes Qajaq USA team and committee information.
01/25/2005 Added two 2005 events to Events Calendar (Greenland Championship and Delmarva Retreat).
01/22/2005 Added Schedule for the 2005 Greenland Kayaking Championship, to be held in Paamiut, Greenland.
12/21/2004 Added page for the new Online Qajaq USA Online Store. The store has a selection of apparel, membership items and publications. Profits support Qajaq USA. Jennifer Torres and her team are at work designing additional items for the store.
11/24/2004 Created icon, favicon.ico, for Qajaq USA website. This will place a small icon of the Qajaq USA logo in your IE browser favorites when you bookmark a page on our site. Also improved 404 (file missing) handling.
11/08/2004 Added Storm Paddle -- sea kayakers' meeting place to Paddling Groups on Links Page.
11/06/2004 Added Sawyer to Commercial Paddles Page.
10/25/2004 Fall 2004 Issue of the MASIK electronic newsletter/magazine published.
10/23/2004 Minor modifications to Competition Rolling List, including some information on the history/purpose of each roll.
10/23/2004 Updated links to Suppliers of Commercial "Greenland-style" Paddles
10/18/2004 Added rope gymnastics information: "The Little Green Book". Allunaariaqattaarneq - Traditional Greenland strengthening and conditioning exercises for kayakers. Also see PDF version of document.
10/15/2004 Added Photo Album for the 16th Annual Delmarva Retreat.
10/11/2004 Added link to Pavia Lumholt's new web site.
09/22/2004 Updated link to Andrew Bien's article "Greenland Style".
09/09/2004 Added photo album of the Qajaq USA Michigan Training Camp to the Qajaq USA Photo Gallery . Thanks to David Braun and David Dalquist.
08/31/2004 Added David Grainger's clip of Cheri Perry performing the "start forward - end forward throwing stick roll". Includes underwater footage. See the video clip page.
08/23/2004 Updated links to Harvey Golden's new website. Added link to Sisimiut webcam.
08/23/2004 Updated broken links to Sea Kayaker Magazine articles.
08/03/2004 Added two new events to Events Calendar.
07/25/2004 2004 Greenland National Kayaking Championship Photo Album added to the Qajaq USA Photo Gallery.
07/01/2004 New Online Membership Form. You may now join Qajaq USA or renew your membership online via PayPal.
06/23/2004 Added links to Cheri Perry's webpage and the updated webpage for the Walden Qajaq Society to the Links Page.
06/08/2004 MASIK newsletter, Summer 2004 issue published.
06/07/2004 Updated membership form to include PayPal online payment information.
05/20/2004 Added link to Beale Paddles and Newfound Woodworks to Commercial Paddles Page
04/29/2004 Updated the featured photo on the home page with a new image provided by Nicolas Bertrand.
04/17/2004 Added Kajakkspesialisten to Commercial Paddles Page
04/08/2004 Corrected Link to World Festival of Traditional Games and Sports in Events Calendar
04/06/2004 Added new Qajaq USA membership distribution maps using April 2004 data. Many thanks to Juan Ochoa and Dave Braun for providing this information. Also added a link this information in the Site Map.
04/01/2004 Added Don Beale to Commercial Paddles Page.
03/31/2004 Corrected date/contact information for the Hudson River Greenland Kayaking Festival 2004. Added East Coast Canoe and Kayak Festival to the Events Calendar.
03/30/2004 Added World Festival of Traditional Games and Sports to Events Calendar.
03/30/2004 Added the Schedule for the Greenland Open National Kayaking Championship in Qaqortoq 2004 to the Qaannat Kattuffiat Page.
03/23/2004 Added Northern Rockies Paddlefest to Events Calendar.
03/22/2004 Added two new events to Events Calendar.
03/22/2004 Updated link to Feathercraft on the Commercial Paddles Page.
03/14/2004 Added Mission and Board/Staff Member Link to Technique Forum Header.
03/13/2004 Added link to Qajaq USA Mission Statement to Home page main menu.
Added Mission Statement to Forum splash page.
03/12/2004 Added 2nd Vermont / Montreal Madness event to the Events Calendar.
03/11/2004 Updated Events Calendar with preliminary information for the 2004 Greenland Championship.
03/11/2004 Updated Site Map with Contact Info for MASIK, Journal. Added What's New Link
03/10/2004 Added four new events to Events Calendar.
03/10/2004 Added Avatak paddles to Commercial Paddles Page.
03/09/2004 What's New Page (this page) Created.
03/08/2004 Updated MASIK pdf file uploaded (Masik_Winter2004_03043.pdf --changes to Jonathan Long's article)
03/06/2004 MASIK newsletter, Winter 2004 issue published.


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