Qajaq USA Board Members



Vernon DoucetteVernon Doucette is Qajaq USA's archivist and Journal editor who is an inveterate collector of arctic books, ephemera and knowledge.

"As a youngster a serendipitous stroll through the stacks of the local public library resulted in a lifelong interest in the Arctic and the peoples who live there. A shelf stocked with Polar titles caught my attention and checking out a book detailing McClintock's expedition north in search of Franklin I was soon hooked as one book led to another and then another. I became engrossed by the accounts of early explorer's and their encounters with the 'Eskimo', though my attentions were to shift from the visitors to the residents of that boreal locale. A Canadian by birth I was perhaps predisposed to the subject".

"I started sea kayaking about fifteen years ago. An experienced backpacker I was attracted by the potential of independent travel offered by the kayak as well as succumbing to a romantic notion that I might be able to experience some small measure of the reality of the Arctic peoples that held such intense interest for me. Once a kayaker I became curious about the origins and history of this craft I was paddling. My reading and research began to focus specifically on the history of native and recreational kayaking. Pursuit of this subject and curiosity about the Arctic ultimately led to my taking two trips north one to Baffin Island in 1997 and another to Greenland this past summer".

"My interest in kayak studies/history having become something of an obsession I was grateful when I discovered that there was a community of similarly afflicted souls on the web. I subscribed and became a participant in the discussions on the Baidarka List and subsequently on the Qajaq USA forum. Last year I was pleased to accept an invitation from Greg to become involved in the formation of Qajaq USA. As a charter member of the board it's my hope that in accepting and fulfilling my obligations as the archivist and journal editor I can help forward our stated mission as well as perhaps contributing something to the existing store of knowledge on Northern Native watercraft".

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