Qajaq USA Board Members



Ed Zachowski
Terry O’Malley was formerly the Qajaq USA Public Relations Committee chairperson and is now the president of Qajaq USA.  He has served as an Board Advisor since 2008 and was appointed to Board Member in October 2010. 

Terry took up paddling in 1994 while on a vacation in Maine with his wife Kim and son Liam.  His introduction to Greenland style kayaking began in 2006 after he stumbled upon the Qajaq USA website.  His interest were piqued by the similarities between the qajaqs and the currachs that he had known about since childhood.  After attending that year’s Delmarva Paddlers Retreat, and sampling the various offerings from Surveying Qajaqs to on-water instruction; the hook was set. 

When not travelling around the world with his engineering work, Terry can be found plying the inland and offshore waters of New Jersey and New York.

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