Qajaq USA 2007 Board Members

  Shawn making his own neoprene tuilik (the "world's longest tuilik").

Shawn Baker has been paddling for eight years, and learned to roll his very first season. During this time he crafted several wood/composite kayaks, and mostly paddled with "euro" paddles. Thanks to Mike Hanks and Don Beale, who first put Greenland-style paddles in his hands in 2001, Shawn decided to give this style a fair shake for an entire season. Now, after using only a "stick" for two seasons, he is "hopelessly addicted!".

"I am intrigued by the Greenland culture. People have used skin on frame kayaks and skinny paddles as a means of subsistence for centuries, and we are fortunate to have the opportunity to learn about this living history. It is an area I know little about, and the more I learn, the less I know! I'm fascinated by the depth and number of rolls in the Greenland National Championships repertoire, and hope to make it to the Qaannatt Kattuffiat competition in 2005".

Shawn lives in Kalispell, Montana, with his wife Michelle, and daughters Morgan and Mackenzie. He enjoys instructing, performing Greenland rolling demonstrations, storm and off-season paddling on local Flathead Lake, whitewater kayaking, and playing in surf and tidal currents during his semiannual visits to the coast.

Shawn is the primary administrator of the Greenland forums and also serves as backup webmaster.

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