Qajaq USA 2006 Board Members



Robin Snow keeping Delmarva Retreat Running Smoothly.Robin Snow , a flatwater canoeist for years, signed up for a guided sea kayak tour in Alaska in 1994. "Once I experienced the independence of paddling solo and the closeness to the water, I immediately traded in my canoe knee pad for a kayak spray skirt! Fortunately for me, I had early instruction at the Delmarva Paddlers Retreat, so I started off with a Greenland paddle".

Vacations have taken Robin paddling up and down both the East and West coasts, but most of her paddling is done in the waters of Delaware, near Camp Arrowhead, the site of the Delmarva Paddler's Retreat.

Robin prefers not to instruct but has found other ways to share her passion for kayaking. " I have enjoyed sharing my love of the sport through a three-year stint as editor of ANorAK Magazine, running sea kayak pool sessions each winter in Philadelphia and organizing six Delmarva Paddler's Retreats. I find great joy in watching others learn to roll and improve their skills".

"Most often I paddle a North Shore Mariner, occasionally a Piccolo or a Nordkapp HM. With a skin boat under construction, I am eager to join the growing fleet of tuiliq clad skin boat paddlers at Delmarva".

Robin is the board Secretary and event director for Qajaq USA.

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