Qajaq USA 2007 Board Members



Pavia Lumholt near Nuuk, GreenlandPavia Lumholt, born to a Greenlandic mother and a Danish father, has been paddling skin boats exclusively since 1995. Pavia attended the Greenlandic Championships in traditional kayaking in 1999 and 2000 (silver medal and 6th place in individual rolling) and has been instructing Greenland rolling at Delmarva for 4 years.

On the side Pavia has developed a watertight bulkhead for SOF-boats.

In 1996 Pavia co-organized Qajaq Copenhagen and served as president until 2000, when moving to Nuuk, Greenland he served as a president of Qajaq Nuuk in 2002-03. Remaining a board member of Qajaq USA, Pavia is now back in Copenhagen to specialize in Plastic Surgery.

Pavia sculling


Top photo courtesy of Craig Walker. Photo at right is of Pavia Lumholt and Pavia Tobiassen playing in rough weather off Nuuk. Photo by Pavia Lyberth.


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