Qajaq USA Board Members


Kevin Kehoe

Kevin Kehoe   has been drawn to watersports most of his life; competition swimming, surfing, scuba diving and he found kayaking in the late 90ís. His first circumnavigation of Manhattan (it is an island) was in 1999 and many times since. Living in a suburb of New York City, Kevin paddles the waters of New Jersey's and New Yorkís oceans, bays and lakes, including the scenic Hudson Riverís rural and urban waters.

Soon after trying a Greenland paddle in a rolling class sponsored by Yonkers Paddling and Rowing Club, he was hooked and hasnít turned back. Kevin enjoys carving paddles, building kayaks and sharing the qajaq experience. He has been a member and on the Board of YPRC for several years, assisting with kayak building classes and introducing kayakers to traditional qajaq skills. Kevin also worked several years on the Hudson River Greenland Festival Team planning and hosting guests, and for 2017 as the HRGF Team Leader.


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