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  Harvey Golden in one of his kayak replicas

Harvey Golden  of Portland, Oregon is a student and scholar of traditional kayaks— Their use, construction, documentation, and their cultural context. Harvey has built many replicas of Arctic kayaks and participated in the first Open Greenland Kayak Championship (2000). He is the author of Kayaks of Greenland -- The History and Development of the Greenlandic Hunting Kayak, 1600-2000 . Harvey is currently working on a new book on Alaskan kayak variation, development and history.

His interest with kayak replicas is to not only gain insights on their design and construction, but to also conduct 'experiential' research through their use in varying conditions.

"Since starting on this path, I've replicated over 38 kayaks, some 18 from Greenland— most of these kayaks are still in my collection, and there are always more on the way. It is my goal to build and use as many different forms of kayaks from the arctic tradition as I am able to. I feel there is much more to learn from these kayaks, and that there is much more to appreciate. This pursuit has been challenging, humbling, rewarding, and very insightful.

I've also taken a keen interest in the study and practice of Greenlandic rolling and paddling techniques. With kayaks so finely designed for such techniques and the rich tradition behind them, It is natural to pursue these skills as another element of my interest.

My interests have lead me to Greenland to participate in the Greenland National Kayak Championships (2000), to conduct research at the Greenland National Museum, and to conduct kayak research at 21 museums in Western Europe.

My web-page has photos of most of my replicas; I hope you'll find it an inspiring, vast waste of time."


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