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Ed Zachowski
Ed Zachowski
became interested in kayaking as a way of taking part of his workouts out of the gym and into the open air. The convenience of river access at both his home and office enabled adapting his commute into a daily kayak trip. Ed became quickly addicted to this new past-time.

Very shortly after his initial exposure to kayaking, Ed got his first glimpse of a Greenland style qajaq. “Instantly, I fell in love with the lines of the boat, the round cockpit, the hard chines, and the low back deck. Admittedly, I was unaware of the significance of these features, but I can only describe the experience as a sort of epiphany - I immediately purchased it!”

Not possessing any of the necessary skills to properly handle the craft, Ed began a quest to find someone from whom he could learn. “Having been a winter-camping fanatic for years, I had a long- running respect for the arctic peoples who were able to flourish in harsh conditions – and I purposed to learn traditional skills.”

His search led him to Qajaq USA . Being a former Life Guard and Water Safety Instructor (WSI), Ed recognized the practical significance, and resulting confidence, that the traditional skills would provide. After reviewing the information on the Qajaq USA website, he immediately joined. Shortly thereafter Ed became involved in fundraising efforts for the Delmarva Paddlers Retreat, subsequently becoming further involved with Delmarva Administration. 

Ed is a Past-President of Qajaq USA and a current board member. He is still very active with Qajaq USA.


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