Qajaq USA 2005 Board Members


Dave Braun began his kayaking experience in the Grand Traverse region of northwest lower Michigan in the early 90's, and first started using a Greenland-style paddle in 1999. "Shortly after that I discovered Greg's article about his experience with Maligiaq and the canted stroke, this opened the door to what I'm sure will be a life-long passion".

"I'm very fortunate to have found several good friends who seem to share this interest and we now have a small but growing group of Greenland-style paddlers, now informally called Qajaq TC, who get together every week to learn and practice new rolls and techniques. If you ever find yourself in Northern Michigan and would like to get together with our group, please email me at".

In August of 2002 Dave organized the very well-received Qajaq USA Greenland-style event in Northern Michigan called Qajaq TC (Training Camp). The location, food, instruction and camaraderie were first-rate. This event was held again in 2003. Dave currently plans on holding the event annually, so don't miss it if you are in the area.

Dave is the past-president of the Cherry Capital Paddle America Club and is efficiently handling membership and treasury duties for Qajaq USA.


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