Qajaq USA Board Members


Greg Stamer in Ilulissat following his performance in the individual rolling competitionChristoper Crowhurst  is slightly obsessed with Greenland Rolling, an ex-pat Britt now living in Minnesota USA.

In 2010 he founded Qajaq Rolls, a philanthropic business that promotes the passing on the traditional art of Greenland style kayak (qajaq) rolling. Christopher has developed video, diagrams and written instruction to help paddlers learn the traditional Greenland rolls.

During 2010 he self-published Rolling with Sticks a waterproof guide book of twenty five Greenland style rolls, and followed this up with a companion DVD. In 2011 he used the business to establish and fund a program of free rolling clinics providing hands on training for paddlers looking to develop their Greenland style kayak rolls.

Christopher is a past president of the Inland Sea Kayakers, the largest Minnesota sea kayak club, and he now leads their traditional paddling sub-committee. This past year has seen Christopher focused on the promotion of Greenland style kayak building through the development of a simple yet elegant stitch and glue kayak, the Shrike, based upon the Disko Bay region qajaqs.

You can contact Christopher through his website or


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