Accommodations for all participants is in school classrooms, divided according to where they are coming from. We supply mattresses; participants shall bring their own sleeping bag.

Accommodations are included in the participation fee.

The work of finding alternative accommodation for foreign participants is not finally arranged (November 1999). We are working on finding alternative accommodation, if some of the participants want a student residence room, for more privacy, it might be possible if we can negotiate a cheap price.

Meals / Meal Location:

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are included in the participation fee. Place: the School Assembly Hall.


Bathing facilities are located in the School's gym facilities. Participants must bring their own towels.


Ukaliusaq Skolen (negotiations with Nuuk Municipality are not yet concluded). An alternative was college rooms for a fee of DKK. 100.00 -- per person per night. The Greenland Kayaking Association and we have judged this to be too expensive.

Transportation inside Nuuk:

By foot, walking. The distance between the school and the old harbor area is in a walking distance of five minutes.

Storage of equipment:

In lockable containers. The containers will be placed on the parking lot behind the National Museum, a few meters from the shore.

Competition routes:

The competition routes are a repeat of the same routes used back in 1993 competitions here in Nuuk.

At the planning stage of the games, the Nuuk Kayak Club Board divided up the work, and the route setting has been handed over to the Club Vice President Pavia Tobiassen, as responsible, with help from Kristian David Josefsen ("Ari"). They will correct the routes or part of these, where we have received complaints from participants, the last time we used them.

Participation fee:

Qaannat Kattuffiat (November 1999) has not informed us of the participation fee.


The cut-off date for registration has been set to May 31st year 2000. A registration blank will soon be set up on the web site. You can also fax your registration to Greenland National Kayak Association, at fax no.: (+299) 865010, alternatively fax no.: 865296.


Bring one of your Country's flags with you, so we can set it up beside ours.


Do not hesitate to contact us (Nuuk Kayak Club) for further information about the arrangements.

Contact coordinator Bent Bøgh Pedersen, fax no.: (+299) 329426, phone no.: (+299) 329422, E-mail: Or our Club President Lars Peter Danielsen on phone no.: (+299) 343434, fax no.: (+299) 320288, E-mail:

We hope to see YOU in Nuuk.

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